My second in the series I travelled to Marrakech in Morrocco. I have always loved the brightly coloured lanterns and tagines of there so wanted to incorporate that into my soap. I had a bit of a nightmare with TD glycerin rivers but have since read a great blog post by Auntie Clara which explains why you get the rivers. It is all down to water content, the lower the water content the less likely you are to get rivers. Alas I had them in this soap but onwards and upwards as they say. I love the bright colours so much that when we built a bar/barbecue area in our garden, I painted it (well my husband did with me pointing a finger at bits he had missed) bright orange and accented with turquoise which is a favourite colour of mine that I incorporate into a lot of my soaps, in fact I won facebook photo of the week through Brambleberry a little while back with my turquoise soap but more on that later, back to Marrakech! On all my world soaps I made an inspiration board and as you can see by this one it was the pots that caught my eye. The bright colours whisk you away to the souks of Africa which isn’t that far away from where I live, I just haven’t physically been there yet, only in my head. This one has some lovely brights of green, blue, orange, red and yellow and was fragranced with Armada scent, a musky, woody aftershave type fragrance which has cured beautifully. I did a drop and leave swirl which is very hard for me to leave well alone because I just love to mess about with my soaps and then end up wishing I had left it alone. The drop swirl has become one of my favourite pours and I have had some excellent results with it.

Next place on the journey is Rio……..