My next stop was Rio de Janeiro. With all the bright coloured birds of the Rainforest and costumes of Carnivale. I loved making this one, firstly because it had my beloved turquoise in and this soap recipe behaved impeccably which as all soap makers know is a bonus when you are trying to do intricate swirls. I love the bright, happy colours of this soap and it made me smile when I cut into it. Another drop swirl with a large assortment of colours. I did not enjoy the cleanup after though lol. Fragranced with an exotic blend of coconut cream and coconut mango which are both stunning on their own but mixed together are beautiful. No glycerin rivers this time as I adjusted the water by 4ozs and it really did work! Thankyou Auntie Clara for that tip x.

The recipe included Almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, Palm oil and shea butter, also added Tussah silk which I absolutely love in my soaps. This is so moisturising. To get the lime colour is an ongoing quest for me. I love lime too so to get this colour I mixed chrome green oxide and yellow mica which turned out exactly as I wanted to match the birds and the head dress of the carnival queens.

Next leg of the journey is India….