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Well now we are in India with all the muted Reds, golds and oranges of every different spice imaginable. This one I called Indian flavour.

Surprise, surprise, another drop swirl😊 fast becoming my favourite. My inspiration for this one was spices and dress of the Bollywood dancers and strangely enough I went to a Bollywood evening at a friends house a few weeks ago and I took an Indian Flavour soap for the girls who were there.image

This was us all dressed in our Saris, we had a fab evening which included Indian food and Bollywood dancing. Everyone should try this, it’s good for the soul☺️

Back to the soap, this is the same recipe as Rio and was well behaved again. I fragranced with Nag Champa which was very apt for the theme and smells very earthy and of insence. I was in my stride now 4 down 3 to go. Cleaning on the morning while kids were at school, pick up from school, make lunch, clean up pots, soap making for 2 hours, cleanup again, time to do evening meal, cleanup pots again, research for the day after soap and go to bed, phew!!! It all got very demanding but I was busy and happy😊. I topped of  this soap with flat embeds which I had found the mould for in a local Chinese shop. They sell everything possible and I have found some brilliant silicone moulds quite cheap from there, I suppose they are like pound/dollar stores which you can virtually find whatever you are looking for. Anyway, this mould just screamed India to me so I made the embeds in gold and that was that, my journey to India was complete, now it was time to look for everything for my next journey to