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Welcome back, today we are in Norway! The icy capped fjords of this beautiful country hooked me in but let me tell you, this was my most challenging soap I have ever made. How was I going to do the fjords, how was I going to put water in the middle and also I wanted the Northern Lights in the night sky. How???

Well first of all I started with the cool icy waters at the bottom, different blues and white were used in an in the pot swirl to create moving water. Another in the pot swirl with greens and brown to create the mountains. I used 2 long pieces of cardboard to make a V shape and poured either side on the outside. Mountains done. Now I had to do another ITP swirl with pink, purple, blue and green to do the Northern Lights in the sky above the fjords. I left the cardboard in and poured straight through the middle. I took out the dividers very carefully and just hoped all my hard work had paid off. I unmoulded and cut the next day and when I first saw it I wasn’t really that pleased with the result, it looked very drab to me but that was probably because I had been working with such bright colours all week that this one just looked dull. I still posted it on my Instagram page and had great feedback so I guess it was a success after all. We are our worst critics really, but I had started this journey and I was determined to finish it regardless! So tomorrow we are on the last leg of the journey and with everyone onboard the ship we were ending up in my country of residence now…..