My 7th and final soap in this series I have ended up in the country I now call home, Spain.

This is Fiery Flamenco Fusion and my inspiration for this was the passionate dance of Andalucia, the Southern region of Spain. Traditional dress of the Man and the Woman is usually black and red and that is where the colour scheme fits in. I split the mould in half lengthways with some cardboard and poured one side red and the other side black. My mould is quite long (about 60cm) so half of it I swirled with a hanger, black into red and the other half red into black, I got quite a different effect and I think one side looks like a flamenco dress when you put the 2 soaps together. I topped the soap with little rose embeds alternating between black and red, resulting in a sultry, passionate soap. I used Hot Stuff fragrance which is a spicy, musky scent. So there you have it! Around the World in 7 days and 7 soaps. I absolutely loved doing this and maybe one day I will be off on my travels again in another 7 countries with all my soap buddies who tagged along with me and spurred me on, giving me encouragement and lovely comments along the way. Thankyou all so much my soapy mates from across the pond x