imageimageA couple of months ago, I had the best idea of making an around the world soap series. Little did I know at the time how time consuming it would become. I loved making every one but I was making 5lb batches of soap every afternoon for days and researching each place I wanted to visit every evening, all this in between cooking, cleaning, looking after my family, it was a frantic but very enjoyable week and all of my Instagram soap friends hopped on board and travelled with me lol. The first place I visited was Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. My friend has opened a rural hotel and wanted a soap designing to put in her little massage hut which was going to have sand underfoot and look like a beach resort. With the help of a lovely soap maker called Jan @sunlit soaps who had made a lovely beach soap complete with shells, I asked if I could use her inspiration to create my own. It wasn’t the same but similar as it had sand, sea and shells😊. The most time consuming part was making the little shell embeds for the top of my soap. It took me about 6 hours because I only had moulds to make 3 at a time and I hand painted each one with blue and silver micas. Then once that was done I started on the soap. Each layer had to be exact, I couldn’t have a large amount of sand and a little water. I am still learning as I have only been making soap for 8 months so everything is a learning curve. Anyway with all my colours mixed I added Oceans 8 fragrance, a lovely refreshing cool water type scent.I poured the sand and left it to set up a little so I could texture it to look like it had moved under water. I then done an in the pot swirl to mix the blues and white to look like the Ocean then topped it off with the whitewater, the foamy top of the Ocean. I then added all the little shell embeds and pearls. Waikiki Beach was done! And I hoped my friend would love it as much as me. Stay tuned for my next adventure to Marrakech in Morrocco!!!