image Hello to all you lovely people around the World. My name is Carolyn and I have a passion for making soap!

 family consists of 1 husband Michael who I have been with for 27 years in September, 4 daughters of very varying ages, Tia 20, Brooke 17, Cassie 5 and Sienna 3. The last 2 were very big surprises but vnery welcome surprises! and 5 dogs! 1 of which belonged to said daughter number 1 but when she moved out the little dog remained with us.

My soaping journey started on October 11th 2014 (I remember this because it is my husbands birthday). I wanted to make some soap gifts for my daughters so set about finding out how to make soap. I asked and got no help whatsoever so I turned to Youtube and found the greatest videos about the process. Anne Marie (The Soap Queen) was a huge help. She is amazing! Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks is also another favourite. Then we have the delightful Katie of Royalty Soaps and Zahida of Handmade in Florida, they were all my inspiration to start the CP soap journey and let me tell you, once you hop on that journey, you are never stopping. It is a passion that takes over and you can think of nothing else but your next batch. colours, fragrance the whole shebang.

The first soap I made was terrifying! The lye solution is very dangerous and should be treated with the respect it deserves. Gloves and goggles at the ready, I mixed that solution with the upmost care and then didn’t, dare move it from its position. I had my oils, colours, fragrance all ready, now what? It took 30 minutes to actually pluck up the courage to lift and pour that little jug of lye solution into the oils. Once stick blended to trace (a very thick trace lol) I separated into 3 and mixed my pink, green and white plus Apple scent, then poured randomly into my mould, I expertly (or so I thought) swirled with a coat hanger and then put it to bed. The next day I unmoulded and cut, I was overjoyed! I had made soap! I took the usual pics and sent it to all my friends and family who were equally as surprised as I was. When I have used soap over the years, not 1 thought has gone into how it was made but once you do learn, everyone wants to know how you did it. It is a very interesting. Looking back at my first soap which I loved so much is hilarious. It smells awful due to cheap fragrance oil and is so ugly! But things can only get better, Right?