One of the things I like to do aswell as making soap is make my own packaging boxes. it is very therapeutic to get the stamps, ink pads and card out, then begin to create. Designer series papers are lovely but expensive so why not create your own. The sky is the limit as far as color and style. You can also stamp straight onto a plain cotton bag for another unique effect.

There is lots of videos on Youtube to get ideas for styles of boxes and you can change the size to suit your soaps or whatever you want to wrap nicely. I try to wrap as many soaps in boxes but sometimes it is just so time consuming, that is when stamping ready made cotton bags comes in handy. You can get quite a few done in a short amount of time and us Mothers need every minute in every day to count.


This is one of my favorite stamps. It is called Moroccan Flowers by Sizzix.

So I stamp my card and then get on with making the boxes. You can stamp all your card first before making anything, that way you have all your papers ready with the colors to match your soaps. A decent ink pad can be bought quite inexpensively and my favorite is Versamagic or Versafine and I have them in a range of colours. They cost around 5 euros but once you have them they last a while.


This is one I made for my Tiffany Box soap.


If you can’t match the color exactly, it’s not a problem, just choose a contrasting color to match your soap.



These are really simple to make and you can make quite a few quickly.


You don’t always have to stamp the card to make a pretty box. I made some soaps in Pringles tubes so when cut are circle soaps. They are a little awkward to wrap so I made hexagonal boxes and added a pretty little charm. Adding something a little extra makes your customers feel like they are getting a gift and who doesn’t like receiving gifts, I know I do lolIMG_7436




I also made a simple little handbag box the same way. You can stamp it or leave it plain and add a charm or flowers to jazz it up.


And this is a box die I bought for my Big Shot. This one uses two pieces of A4 so not quite as cheap but not too bad, this one is saved for special occasions or requested for gifts.


These are some handmade bags I made too. I fell in love with the material and thought the colours would go great with my soaps. The ribbon can match the soap colour.



With a few simple supplies you really can go crazy with packaging. I use A4 card in all different colours, Punches in all sizes, stamps, ink pads, ribbons, double sided tape, glue  and charms. Once you have your supplies they can last a long time, then you can just keep adding when you feel like it or if you see something that catches your eye.


Happy crafting and creating lovelies!!

As always Love from Spain x