Hi Everyone!

The teardrop challenge has been one of those tasks that after the first try I think “I will never get this, EVER”

The only time I had that feeling was the skinny shimmy and even now the thought of it makes me nervous.

My first attempt, I got a slight teardrop but it had legs/wings whichever way you looked at it.

Next one didn’t get to teardrop pour as the soap batter thickened so quick after adding fragrance that I had to hanger swirl it.

At this point I had made 2 full loaves and thought I would have 1 more try. That is when my lovely friend Linda over at Mimi & Boo gave me a great tip. We had been chatting and she told me about a little box that would yield 3 to 4 bars which would be great for practicing. It would need lining with freezer paper but they were perfect for the challenge. I had ordered 2 small loaf moulds but as of yet, they have still not arrived from China.

I used a 500g slow moving recipe and had the best success with it. I got 2 teardrops and was going to try a 3rd but like always ran out of time.


The lined little box that held a 500g recipe


Sticking with essential oils this time so that my batter didn’t thicken too quick

I didn’t get any pictures of the pour because I was trying to work so quick that I forgot.



This one was my 3rd attempt and nearly became my entry but I still wasn’t done and thought I would give it another try.

My final go, I switched it up a bit.

I done an in the pot swirl with black, cream and orange which I used as the base and side pours and done the teardrop plain turquoise. I poured a little bit of the base in and then with the turquoise I went back and forth exactly like my black one but instead of alternating colours I just used the blue. Exactly the same pour but totally different look as the stripes are in the outside pour instead of the middle. Being ambidextrous is not my forte but found that I only got a little bit of a wiggle at the top lol. Same pour, different effect.


This one is my entry. You can actually see by the outside stripes where I began my double sided pour. The stripes are more prominent as I think the bottom swirled a little bit more than the sides.





Somebody said it is like looking out of a hole in a tree and seeing the river, or looking down a mountain rock side into a pool below but I see Tears in a Tigers Lair. The crying tiger.

We all see different things, What do you see?

Thanks Amy for another great tutorial.

Can I also say that my thoughts are with our soaping friend April and her family. I hope she has a full and quick recovery x

Also to Jennifer who had a major flood through her home. I hope everything works out for her too.

Truly devastating news!

As always, love from Spain.

Carolyn x