This blog post contains lots of photos of an amazing soap cutter and mould by Steso. If you don’t like turquoise, please scroll on by ๐Ÿ™‚

A few months ago, back in May actually, I seen a video of Tatsiana Serko from Creative Soaps by Steso, cutting a soap with one of her handmade cutters. I fell in love immediately! They are a piece of art and just beautiful!

I thought at the time that 1 would be out of my reach as she lives in California and I live in Spain. Customs is a nightmare to receive anything from the States but I thought “I don’t care, I want one!”

I emailed Tatsiana. A little conversation back and forth and my cutter was ordered. She was really busy and there was 2 months waiting time but I was prepared to wait for my beauty, good things come to those who wait lol.

I was asked what color and design I would like and as I’m a turquoise kind of gal, that had to be my choice. I make a lot of soaps with turquoise in and just love it. Second was design, I love damask prints so went with that and left the rest up to Tatsiana. A couple of days later she emailed me with the print layout, it was lovely, so I went with that. Now the waiting game began. I couldn’t wait to get my cutter and mould, OH YES, I ordered a tall n skinny mould too, made in oak wood and matching print design as the cutter. It was my birthday in June so it was a gift from me to me. Treat yourself was my motto heehee. I put my order out of my mind because I can’t wait for things to arrive! I am so impatient but for this there was no option but to wait.

So here we are today, Friday 12th August. My parcel has arrived, my dreams came true, I’m excited (Yes I’m a Mrs excitable) The long 3 months has finally passed and it is in my home!

And now, what you have been waiting for, THE PICS. There is a fair few but I just love it so much.





Didn’t I tell you it was gorgeous! And more.


There is little notches on the back of the cutter to hang the wire cutter part. This comes in handy when making rimmed soap as you can slice a very thin layer off your soap to make the rim.



A measuring ruler so you don’t have to get the tape measure out every time and can cut each bar perfectly to size. This is handy when making soaps in a slab mould too as normally the slab of soap won’t fit into the cutter, this one is wide enough to accommodate a larger soap, to cut into flat, wide bars.


And the lovely Logo on the side with cute little matching crystals. Even the screw heads are covered up by black crystals. Such attention to detail!

Now the mould. Comes with a mylar insert so no lining with freezer paper. Holds a 500g batch of soap, so cute. Makes about 5/6 bars so ideal for test batches of fragrance or a new design test and is my favorite shape, tall n skinny. Although, it remains to be seen whether I use it for soap or not. It may just be an ornament in my soap room as something beautiful to admire while passing. I don’t want wet soap ruining this beauty ๐Ÿ™‚






So there you have it. My beautiful cutter and mould by Steso. Turquoise loveliness overload.

I am off to make a soap to test out this gorgeousness, see you soon.

As always, Love from Spain.

Carolyn x