Hi everyone!  I come to you from England this month. I am over here for a wedding so I thought I would make a wedding type cake for this piping challenge in honor of my nephew and his blushing bride.

I was pushed to the max for time but I got it made just before I left Spain to travel.

I will warn you once again! There is a serious overload of turquoise and even more overload of roses, piped in turquoise 🙂

I loved this challenge because we could decide what we wanted to make, the sky was the limit, so to speak. I got my thinking cap on and came up with the 2 tier wedding cake idea with cascading roses from top to bottom. This will probably be a very long post but I took so many pics because I wanted to document this one visually as I may never make anything like this again. It was a lot of work and a lot of soap but I enjoyed making it immensely once the creative juices got flowing.

So lets begin!

Firstly I got my piping tips ready, I have loads, not for cakes, for soap cakes lol. My favorites are the Wilton 1M open star which I used for piping on top of the cakes, Wilton 104 for piping the roses and a cake boss leaf tip. I use a flower nail and wilton piping bags for large amounts or some smaller disposable bags for little amounts.

I started off making 2 basic cakes, a larger round 1 and a giant cupcake base to turn upside down and place on top of the other.

I fragranced these 2 with Blue Agava and Cacao FO, which is a beautiful fresh scent.

While these cakes were setting up, I piped all my roses. I made 6lbs of my normal soap recipe which includes oils of Coconut, Palm, Olive, Sunflower, Castor and Shea butter. Out of that I got the 2 cake bases and 35 piped flowers/roses. I used a mix of Peacock & Tahitian teal from mad oils for the blue, Champagne & sister golden hair for the cream and TD for the white flowers.


My 3 colors for the roses.

This is the pics of the process of piping a rose, first do 2 cones, 1 on top of the other, then pipe around little arches, 3 arches to start but as the rose gets bigger you need more arches to fill the spaces between. Once I got the hang of things, I made different size flowers in the 3 different colors, blue, white and cream.


After 24 hours, the cakes were ready and so were the roses, so I made another 3 lb batch of soap for piping the cakes, this would be my dual colours in the bag piping to cover the cakes. I colored the soap turquoise and white. I also scored the tops of the cakes, just to make sure the fresh piped soap adhered to the 24 hour old cakes.


Just started building up the piped roses with the wilton 1m open star tip. I piped this first and then embedded the top portion on and piped that to hold it in place.

After piping, I placed the previously piped flowers in a cascading pattern down the cakes from top to bottom, I then piped some leaves in between the roses to finish off the look.







Hope you liked the making process. I know it was very long but it really did take a huge amount of time to make. I enjoyed it so much.

Thanks Amy for once again giving us another great challenge.

As always, Love from Spain………. OH NO! Im not in Spain, Im in England! Oh well, Love from this part of the World 🙂

Carolyn X