Once upon a time…..

There was a girl/older lady who lived in a cold, rainy Country and could only dream about warm sunny days, walking on the beach and looking out to the great Mediterranean sea. Her dream came true when her and the hubby decided, enough was enough of the dreary wet days so they upped and moved to pastures new in the sun. 11 years later…. said hubby asked if he could take his wife away for the night, away from children, their home, constant chitter chatter to a quiet location that they could enjoy and have fun together. Oh boy!! did they have fun! Eating tapas by the Med, a few gins to make them merry, wine, good food, A great time was had for that 24 hours.

Now the girl/older lady in question, loves to make soap and finds inspiration in the most unlikely places. That night away had brought thoughts about how she could incorporate a wood grain soap into a beach themed soap and EUREKA! she had it. A boardwalk soap, inspired by the sun bleached planks that are walked on at the beach. Now just to put that plan into action……



The picture that started it all….

I stand by the Sea and what do I see?ย I see the sea, staring back at me.

The cool still waters that ebb away slow, but don’t underestimate that mighty flow.

A powerful force that tricks your mind, come on in, I will be kind.

But once you’re in, in its grip so tight! It won’t let you out without a fight.

But today that blue yonder was being kind, a calm, still, pool as far as the eyes could find.

It waves ever so sweetly, and I wave back. See you soon it calls as I turn to track,

My way along the sun bleached wood, the cool blue Med touching where I once stood…….


Now to get on with the task in hand. I used my 4lb slab mould that I won from Nurture Soap last month in the piping challenge. Perfect size.


My colours are Peacock, Black Oyster and Satin grey pillow from mad oils , also creme de la creme from Umakeitup. For fragrance I used patchouli and cedar essential oils.

My recipe is my go to slow mover which works for me.

10 ozs sweet almond oil

10 ozs coconut oil

10 ozs olive oil

10 ozs palm oil

15.20 ozs water

5.75 ozs lye


I used squeeze bottles which I alternately poured lines of soap back and forth. Once I had used up all the soap, I pulled a chopstick through from side to side and because my soap batter was still at thin trace, I gave the mould a few quick spins to try to get a wood knot type effect.



After the little spin.

I placed it in the oven at 60 degrees c for an hour and left it in to do its magic while cooling down. I actually unfolded after 12 hours and cut it. Here are the cut pics.


I wouldn’t say it looks exactly like wood but I had fun with it and like the pattern anyway.

Thanks to Amy again for bringing these great challenges.

As always, Love from Spain.

Carolyn x