Living in Spain, we never get snow! It is always sunny. Even Christmas day last year, the sun was beating down but the strangest thing happened today!…..

While driving to Ikea, to pick up bits and bobs, I needed bedroom supplies, especially wardrobe knobs.

I was almost halfway there when something strange occurred, my car was whipped into the air, higher than a bird!

Higher and higher we soared, up past the mountains so grand. Until we landed with a bump in a snow filled wonder land.

I had landed in a magical place, frosty, cold and crisp. Wind blowing up the snow like a little willow the whisp.

Ive not seen anything like it, snowmen wandering free. Santa sitting in his chair, sipping a cup of tea.

Elves making toys and reindeer roam, this place is such a joy. I think I might just stay here and help to make a toy.

I could also make the soaps, for St. Nick and his Queen. Coco frost and Mistletoe, scents so fresh and clean.

So while wandering around the place I came across a globe. Very large and made of glass, it was a sight to behold!

But looking through that window, all was not so good. A little girl sat, her head in hands, crying in a flood.

Oh what could the matter be? but then I seen the puddle. Carrot, buttons and some sticks all in a crumpled muddle.

You see the girl had made a man, with snow so crisp and fun. There had been a fall like never seen, in the land of forever sun.

She had named him “Freddy the snowman” such a fitting title. A scarf of blue, button eyes and carrot were all so vital.

That child had so much fun, dancing around her mate. Singing, jumping and general joy but she did not know his fate.

The following morning came, along with the blazing heat. Thats where this story becomes so sad, you better take a seat.

She jumped up out of bed that morn, to greet her little man, also to build his wife and name his girl Suzanne.

But the sun in Spain had other plans, it came out blazing bright! It melted Freddy down, he was nowhere in sight.

Everything lay in a crumpled mess, soaking wet right through. Her build had ended abruptly, OH! What could she do?

“MUM! Please take me to the beach” she shouted to her Mother. She couldn’t have snow but there was lots of sand, she was going to build another.

Freddy would have his Missus, alas made out of sand. Forever they would be together, forever hand in hand….

So back to the land of snow for me, but I knew I could not hide. I got mechanic elf on board, to fix my dodgy ride.

Thats when I woke, with a startled jump! It had all just been in dreams. That Winter Wonder land of snow, was it all it seems?

You see in my dressing gown pocket, there was a little piece of white. Oh my goodness, could it be? The snow I had seen that night?

Alas, it melted away, just like that elusive man. Maybe next year, there will be snow, can you see it? I SURE CAN!

When I moved away from the UK, I knew it would be hot. No more snowy Christmas days. I miss the snow. Earlier this year, we headed up to Sierra Nevada, a ski resort literally 2 hours from where we live. My 2 little ones were born in Spain so had never seen snow before. They loved it! We all went skiing and spent a couple of days enjoying the snow. Snowmen were built and snowballs thrown. So much fun with the family!

My little girl sliding down a snow bank and wiping out a little boy! Fun in the snow!

That is where my inspiration came for my soap. A melted snowman. Snowmen, really are a lot of hard work but fun to make. Kids and adults get so much joy out of the build but they are short lived. As fast as they are made, the sun comes out and he is gone. A small window of opportunity to make but I will capture him in soap forever.

There is nothing like a cup of hot cocoa too while building a snowman. Swirled with cream, topped with chocolate sprinkles, a salted caramel drizzle, tiny marshmallows and finished with a wafer biscuit. My next soap to go with the melted Freddy.

Here is my finished soaps. A little bit of fun, made for my little ones and big ones if they want one 🙂




So there we have it…… Hot Cocoa and the melted snowman soaps.

As always, love from Spain.

Carolyn x