Hi Everyone & Merry Christmas.

Ive had a very busy Month. Last month I was getting our bedroom and En-suite refurbished which is now virtually finished apart from a bathroom door, but hey! Who needs privacy anyway? I have daughters who think they can burst into the bathroom whilst I’m sitting in the bath, now they just have 1 less door to come through 🙂


A few pictures of before and after. I made a black, white and grey tiger stripe soap a few months ago, which matched perfectly into the color scheme of my bathroom.

I slept on a mattress on my dining room floor for 4 weeks so everything coming together was great. I finally had a bed and new bathroom to enjoy. I could begin to make soap again…

This month, it is tiger stripes technique. This pour was one of the first techniques I tried when I started making soap, just over 2 years ago.

I decided to try a modified version. I used the wall pour technique similar to a skinny shimmy.

I went with the same colours as the striped tile of the bathroom, black, white and grey again. I used mad oils micas for the white and grey, the black is pigment oxide.


For fragrance I used Lemon Peel Zest from Scent Perfique which is a lovely fresh, zesty scent but best of all it behaves itself. Lots of working time to pour my layers.

I used squirt bottles to get a very fine line down the side of the mould. I alternated black, white then grey with the mould tipped to the side and passed on one side 9 times, turned the mould around, tipped to the side and passed 9 times again. I carried on doing this until the mould was practically full. My soap stayed very fluid throughout. For the top, I poured lines of soap and swirled a little with a skewer.




With my slow moving recipe, I always have to pop it in the oven for an hour and then leave alone overnight to work its magic.

The following day only 12 hours after it was ready to cut. This is a pic just after unmoulding which you can see the fine lines at the side.


Here are the cut pics.





I had a little bit of soap batter left at the end so I made some cute little hearts which I can give away as samples.


Once I had cut my soaps, they reminded me of little mint humbugs stacked on top of one another, that is why it is called BAH Humbug, not because I don’t like Christmas lol.


Thanks to Amy again for hosting these great challenges. Sometimes they are hard, sometimes easy, but very enjoyable.

Hope you all have a great Christmas & New Year and hope to see you all next year.

As Always, Love from Spain!

Carolyn x