Hi Everyone!

Coming into the Challenge club this Month with the soap dough technique, I had lots of ideas running through my head. I have dabbled with soap dough for a while and made some great projects but wanted to try something a bit different. I’ve made lilies, a cat, apple strudel, a fairy house and unicorns to name but a few but I needed something to push me that little bit further….

Soo… I thought! What about a shoe and handbag, that must be pretty challenging, so my Louboutin heel & purse were created. Sadly, my shoe won’t be allowed as it isn’t a modified bar but I can submit the handbag Β so that will be my entry but I will show how I made both.

I made my soap dough with Sorcery soaps recipe which includes lard and mango butter so it would make a hardish dough, usually I use my excess soap batter to make little tarts that I put away in bags to mould later. I made black and red as I already had some white to use.


I started off the handbag with a bar of soap I have just made. I rolled out the black dough and fully covered the bar with that.

I then rolled out the red and went over that with a patterned roller to give the red Β texture.

I made a handle, first a strip of black and then a thinner strip of red and attached that, all with soap glue, soap and water mixed to make a paste. Also made a bow by pushing the black into my little silicone push mould.

I made some little flowers with a fondant plunger to decorate too. This is the finished handbag complete with bow and flowers.





For the shoe I bought a fondant heel former which came with a stand to rest the sole on while you stick everything together.


First I pushed the black dough into the heel former and popped that into the freezer for half an hour to harden up a little.

Next I rolled out the red to cut a sole and layer that on the platform to shape it, I also cut an inner black sole to strengthen it slightly. My dough was very sticky so i used corn starch to stop it sticking to the board and rolling pin, I used some rubbing alcohol to clean it off.

I then cut all the pieces for the shoe I needed and cut out some little flowers with a fondant plunger in different colors to stick on for decoration, I used soap and warm water to make a glue which stuck everything together.

Here is my finished Louboutin inspired heel, complete with signature red sole.




So that is the completed Handbag and shoe. I love shoes and bags so this really reflects my love for accessories.

It was challenging to say the least holding the shoe together. It stands up though and seems stable but I don’t think I will be wearing it anytime soon πŸ™‚

The shoe is life size (A UK size 5) Just so you can picture how big it is lol.

Thanks to Amy and Tatiana this Month for another great challenge.

As always, Love from Spain.

Carolyn x