Well hello from sunny Spain! Although we have just had a huge thunder storm, its back to being quite sunny again.

This Month in Challenge club it is all about Unicorns & Rainbows. I haven’t entered the club for a little while because I’ve been so busy with work but when I seen that it was the last 3 Months, EVER! I had to make time to enter. Amy will be missed but I know how time consuming work can be, she has been such a gracious host and I wish her all the best for the future!! “We love you Amy!!”

I have made Unicorn soaps before but not incorporated a rainbow.

These are a couple I have made.

Firstly, I made some soap dough in all the rainbow colours, I can’t tell you how many times I have sang the rainbow song in my head, driving me mad lol. Red and yellow and pink and green, orange and purple and blue, I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too. Now you can all sing the rainbow song in your head!

I used a flower press to punch out the rainbow flowers and painted the inside with some here comes the bride white mica. I also made the horns and ears from soap dough. I rolled 3 colours into thin tubes and twirled them together to get the 3 colour horn. I used a teardrop cookie cutter for the ears.

Now that all my embeds were made, I could start on the base. I decided to use my silicone ice cream mould and call them Unicones

I used a fragrance called Exotic Indian Rose which speeds up trace so that I wouldn’t have to wait around for long for my piping to set up.

I piped them quite high as I had made the ears and horns larger than I normally do so that they didn’t get lost in all the piping and flowers.

Here they are all piped and embeds in, ready to put away for the night.

The following day, I tried to unmould but they were a little soft so I popped them in the freezer for an hour. So much easier to get out of individual moulds when they have been frozen a little.


Here they are, sitting pretty for their photoshoot.

This is the front and back.

This was a fun challenge!

Thankyou Amy!

As always, Love from Spain.

Carolyn x