Well Hello again everyone, and here we are for the Finale of the Challenge club.

Sad times hey? But its been a fun ride and I for one have really enjoyed being a part of the club and making lots of new friends along the way. I haven’t entered every Month because of commitments but entered quite a few.

This Month, its all about straight lines and let me warn you now! This was no easy job. I have made straight line soaps before but not this way. I have always used a stick blender, so this was a little out of my comfort zone, but, hey ho, lets give it a go.

A few of my other straight line soaps.

I had one try last week and I just wasn’t happy with the results, (Pic below) but I used the stick blender and got lots of bubbles and glycerine rivers, so I had another try this week only using a whisk and a small bowl with a rounded bottom, to make it easier to whisk.


With my first try too, I had problems with the liner of my mould bowing in the middle, I had to clip it up which stuck in the soap so for my second one, I used an old faithful silicone mould I bought from Brambleberry years ago, it worked a treat.


For my first part of the pour, my mould was laid down quite flat as I wanted to form a Christmas tree shape, although a basic one and probably looks nothing like a tree, thats the shape i wanted lol. A triangle shape.

The outside was going to be pink so I used Voodoo from Madoils now Madmicas, fragrance is Humbug mints from scent perfique which slightly accelerates and thats what I needed for my layers to set up a bit quicker. I also had my mould set on a heatpad which helped to harden up the layers.


Once this layer set, it took about half an hour, I flipped the mould over and poured the same amount in the other side.

Same again, left this for half an hour and then stood the mould up to pour the black and white humbug tree.


I used Black oxide and Titanium dioxide for colours.

Black, white, black, white, until the mould was full, 10 layers.

All together this pour took around 8 hours, it is very time consuming. I popped it in the oven at 6p.m. for an hour and then just left it to cool. It was rock hard by midnight so I unmoulded it and left it overnight to cut the next day.

Here is the cut and cleaned up pics. Definitely not perfect but I will not have time to do another so this is it.




This one is dressed up for his photo shoot.

The Bah Humbug tree is finished and although it took forever to pour, I enjoyed the Challenge.

The name comes from the little mint humbug sweets that I based my soap on last year, I just wanted to revisit, getting nostalgic for the Finale lol.


All I want to say Amy is “It has been a blast, I’ve enjoyed being a part of your club and I wish you every success for your future business!”

As always, Love from Spain.

Carolyn X