Hello, I’m Carolyn, wife, mother, friend and addicted soap maker. I moved from England to Spain 10 years ago and love my little life in this beautiful Country. The weather in England seriously made me sad because everyone needs a little sunshine in their life and here in Spain we have it in abundance. I love, love, love making soap and there is always something different to the process to learn. I’m a novice but thrive to be a pro. Join me in my journey, just tag along and introduce yourself. I love new friends especially soap friends and I have made a few along the way. Join me on Instagram too @siennalily_soaps you are all very welcome in my life😊. I am new to this blogging thing so please bear with me while I,m learning.


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love your soaps Carolyn. I look forward to checking in and hanging on your every word! Good luck with the blog x


  2. How to purchase???


  3. may you please send me more of your soap recipe…..if it is only ok for you….or any account in fb to reach you…do I have to pay for this?


    • Hi, Sorry, Ive just noticed this post. I,m really not a teacher but Anne Marie of Brambleberry has some great recipes on her Soap Queen blog and Youtube chanel. Also Soaping 101 has recipes on Youtube too. I do have some recipes on my blog but they are only tested by me and I wouldn’t feel confident enough to tell you to use, although I do check everything through soap calc. If I can help in any way, I will but I learned from the Youtube channels I’ve mentioned and that would be a great place to start 🙂


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