Tears in the Tigers Lair (Teardrop) Greatcakes Challenge Club

Hi Everyone!

The teardrop challenge has been one of those tasks that after the first try I think “I will never get this, EVER”

The only time I had that feeling was the skinny shimmy and even now the thought of it makes me nervous.

My first attempt, I got a slight teardrop but it had legs/wings whichever way you looked at it.

Next one didn’t get to teardrop pour as the soap batter thickened so quick after adding fragrance that I had to hanger swirl it.

At this point I had made 2 full loaves and thought I would have 1 more try. That is when my lovely friend Linda over at Mimi & Boo gave me a great tip. We had been chatting and she told me about a little box that would yield 3 to 4 bars which would be great for practicing. It would need lining with freezer paper but they were perfect for the challenge. I had ordered 2 small loaf moulds but as of yet, they have still not arrived from China.

I used a 500g slow moving recipe and had the best success with it. I got 2 teardrops and was going to try a 3rd but like always ran out of time.


The lined little box that held a 500g recipe


Sticking with essential oils this time so that my batter didn’t thicken too quick

I didn’t get any pictures of the pour because I was trying to work so quick that I forgot.



This one was my 3rd attempt and nearly became my entry but I still wasn’t done and thought I would give it another try.

My final go, I switched it up a bit.

I done an in the pot swirl with black, cream and orange which I used as the base and side pours and done the teardrop plain turquoise. I poured a little bit of the base in and then with the turquoise I went back and forth exactly like my black one but instead of alternating colours I just used the blue. Exactly the same pour but totally different look as the stripes are in the outside pour instead of the middle. Being ambidextrous is not my forte but found that I only got a little bit of a wiggle at the top lol. Same pour, different effect.


This one is my entry. You can actually see by the outside stripes where I began my double sided pour. The stripes are more prominent as I think the bottom swirled a little bit more than the sides.





Somebody said it is like looking out of a hole in a tree and seeing the river, or looking down a mountain rock side into a pool below but I see Tears in a Tigers Lair. The crying tiger.

We all see different things, What do you see?

Thanks Amy for another great tutorial.

Can I also say that my thoughts are with our soaping friend April and her family. I hope she has a full and quick recovery x

Also to Jennifer who had a major flood through her home. I hope everything works out for her too.

Truly devastating news!

As always, love from Spain.

Carolyn x

PICASSOAP inspired by Picasso

Hi All!!!

Here we are again, this month with a location themed challenge. I have found this one to be exceptionally difficult for some reason. Not the actual making of the soap but coming up with the idea for the soap. I have lived in 2 places in my whole entire life, Hartlepool in England and Malaga area in Spain. I wanted my soap to reflect the area where I live not the Country so I have been going backwards and forwards between my place of birth and the town I now call home. In my head, I need to know where I am going and as soon as the challenge has been set, I know exactly what I am going to do, this one has me undecided and I am flummoxed lol

Now I could tell the tale of the monkey hanging. During the Napoleonic war a French ship was wrecked off the coast of Hartlepool. The only survivor was a monkey dressed in a French uniform. On finding the monkey, the Hartlepudlian locals held a trial on the beach. As they had never seen a monkey nor a Frenchman and obviously he could not answer their questions, they concluded that he was a French Spy and decided to sentence him to death by hanging. Hence the name as we are known from Hartlepool, Monkey Hangers. The local football club has a mascot known as H’Angus the monkey. One wearer of the monkey suit became the mayor, Stuart Drummond, but was forbidden to wear the suit in office. With this in mind, I thought, “I cannot put that idea into soap!” so decided on my other plan “Malaga” which is now where I live.

There is 2 famous men born in Malaga. Antonio Banderas the actor and Pablo Picasso the artist. As much as I like Antonio, I could not come up with a plan for my soap other than Armand the vampire or Zoro,  sooooo…. it shall be one of the paintings by Pablo Picasso that has given me inspiration for my location soap. Phew!! that only took me 2 weeks to come up with and we are now 2 days before link up and I am just making my soap.


This is my inspiration. Picasso and his cubism art. Now putting something into soap like this will be no easy fete, but I like a challenge so off we go.

First I got some offcuts of some soaps I have previously made, squared them off so they fit together, then drew a guitar so that I could cut around the soaps to make the shape of the instrument. This would be my embed for the top.


I changed the top part to this one which I liked better 🙂

I prepared my mould to make different sections with cardboard. This was quite difficult to keep them all in place, where I wanted them. I also wrote where I wanted to put my colors so that I didn’t end up with 2 of the same together.



Right after pouring and removing the card. I now had to embed my guitar which was like a jigsaw puzzle.


I put it off to sleep for 24 hours and when I took it out, it had ash on top so I cut into bars and planed the top. It was still a little soft but I managed to trim it.




The finished soap! It took me a while to get there but I finally made it. A little late and pushed for time but better late, than never.

This challenge actually showed me that whatever you want to create in soap, it is possible. I wanted to do Picasso art from the beginning but thought it was just too hard. Like any woman, I ended up back at the first shop, lol.

I love my life in Spain and so glad I got to recreate a small part of Picasso art. My art is my soap!

Thanks again Amy for another great challenge.

As always, Love from Spain.

Carolyn x

Tutankhamun Rimmed Soap for Greatcakes Soapworks Challenge


Me again, coming to you this month with another Challenge soap and challenging it was!

I have always admired, oohhed and ahhhed over the beautiful rimmed soaps made by Tatiana who makes it look so simple, such talent! and Amy, you’re not bad either 🙂

Me on the other hand am not talented at this technique, the expletives coming from my kitchen whilst i was making this soap is no ones business and luckily my little ones were at school! it wasn’t the rim that was difficult, it was cutting it in half to make it 4mm thick. Tatiana must have them special books that are the right size for her mould, mine on the other hand are not those special ones. I used envelopes, drinks cartons, small books that I needed 20 of to fit but only had 5 so needless to say my rim stayed at 8mm. some people like thick rimmed soaps 😉

Now Ive always had a thing about ancient Egypt and when I was younger if I had not became a hairdresser, I was going to be an archeologist. I would have loved to dig up artifacts and mummies from the tombs, how exciting!!! not that being a hairdresser isn’t but…….

I got the chance to visit Egypt many many Tutankha… MOONS ago and it was just as I imagined. Pyramids, The Sphinx, Camels and lots and lots of History. I even managed to push my way through the throng of tourists to get my body through the tiny tunnels and into the tomb of a pyramid, no easy fete I tell you! I visited the Museum and fell in love with the masks and treasures.


This pic was taken 26 years ago and as you can see by the pic below, I haven’t changed a bit teehee.


It has always been there, my love of Egypt so my inspiration for my soap came from the beautiful colors of Tutankhamuns burial mask.


Beautiful! Gold, black and turquoise.


I used my texture mat rubbed with blue and gold micas for the rim. Plain black soap poured on top made with activated coconut charcoal.

I put the rim in the oven to gel for 2 hours and very nearly put it in at 170 but realized at the last minute that 170 F is actually 75 degrees C which is what my oven temp is. Disaster avoided!!!

After it cooled (6 hours) I unmoulded and cut to size, then wrapped it in some freezer paper to slide into the pringles can.


At this point, I completely forgot to take pictures! getting old 🙂

I made my batch of turquoise soap and added attar oudh fragrance which is a woodsy, exotic fragrance.

I popped it into my trusty Moet champagne cooler which is silver lined and acts as a heater too.


It is ideal for my tube soaps as it keeps them upright while they sleep.

More forgotten pics but I unmoulded the next day and cut to size.




The rim looks a bit ancient because of cpopping I think but it all adds to the authentic look, as if it had just been excavated from an ancient egyptian mummys tomb lol

I only had 1 attempt at this technique, my first but probably not my last try. It was a great technique, very challenging but enjoyable.

This is a little bonus pic of Amun Ra, good buddy of Tutankhamun, they shall be great pals in the soap dishes of my bathroom and also inspired by the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Good luck to everyone who attempted, succeeded and didn’t lose their cool. I shall be washing my mouth out with soap and water!

Thanks Amy and Tatiana for another great tutorial and challenge.

What’s next?

As always, Love from Spain x


Rudie, St. Nick & The fallen gifts

Well this month for The Challenge Club our brief was Winter Wonderland!

That title just screams Snow, Christmas and all things festive to me. I had to get my thinking cap on to plan, design and execute what I had in my head and put that into my soap.

 I have had flu and had to stay in bed 1 day so I decided to write a poem, which my soap is based on. First the poem, so here it is, then to make the soap to match.

One snowy Christmas Eve, when all was calm and still,
Santa set off in his sleigh, up and over the hill.
Along with his trusted deers, higher and higher they soared,
A cup of hot choc in hand, that Mrs claus had poured.

All of a sudden a bang! “What the elf was that!?”
The dodgy left phalangee or the cylinder head gaskat!
Smoke came from the sleigh, thick, smelly and black,
Houston we have a problem! There’s no way I’m going back!

There is only one thing for it, we will have to make the jump,
Out of the ride, into the snow, they landed in a clump.
WOW! that was a close one, “I nearly lost my head”,
But instead they landed softly, in a cold white frosty bed.

Rudolph did you grab the sack? on your bumpy fall,
NO PREZZIES FOR THE KIDS!, I don’t want to make that call!
Luckily Rudie had grabbed it, along with the other deers,
At least they had the toys, tonight there would be no tears.

The moral of this tale, always check your sleigh,
Mechanic elf at the ready, working for his pay.
“I suppose it is on foot lads”, tonight is going to be long,
So jovially they walked, singing this merry song….

Snowbells ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening
a beautiful sight, we’re happy tonight,

So we have the plan, now to start on the soap!

Firstly, I grated a whole bunch of soaps to make embeds for the top and inside my soap. I wanted to hand craft them rather than mould.

My plan was to have Santas boot bottoms and Rudolphs nose in the snow. Antlers, Santas hat and the sack of gifts on top sticking out of the snow.

My idea was to make long tubes that went right through the soap so that when cut you would see them as the nose and the bottom of the boots. That was all I needed for inside the soap, now just to make embeds for the top.

These are the little Santa Sacks complete with gifts.

These Antlers were a nightmare to craft! They took me 2 days to finally get to something that resembled an antler, before they looked like chicken feet and I had to get them right.


These are the finished embeds, Santas hat I would pipe on with wet soap…. hopefully 🙂

I chose Christmas forest Fragrance. I mixed Brazen Hussy, Brick House and Voodoo micas from mad oils to get a better red and used Titanium Dioxide to whiten the main soap.

I poured the white into my mould and layed the boots and nose embeds through the middle, I then poured the rest of the white but kept a little bit back to pipe on the top.

So that is the soap made. Reindeers, Santa and the prezzies, all fallen from the sleigh and into the snow in a heap!

I just had to wait to see if my plan had worked once I cut it 🙂


This is the cut bars. They were huge and I hade to shave them down slightly but I will put them all into another project 🙂

This definitely was a fun challenge and my husband thinks I’m a little bit crazy but I think he knew that already 🙂

I’m looking forward to the swap too this time. These soaps are just too big to fit in the mailing envelope so I am sending last months Taiwan spinning swirl soap which I won the challenge with. Hope you like them x

Thanks Amy for another fab challenge, now to go and practice for next month. See you all soon.

As always, Love form Spain.

Carolyn x

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Soap. Taiwan circling swirl for Greatcakes Soapworks Challenge

Hello everyone! and a Happy New Year to all!

Another year over all too quickly, I don’t know where the time goes.

This months challenge is The Taiwan circling swirl which I have wanted to try for ages but like a lot of things just didn’t get round to doing, so this month is the ideal time to try. I don’t have the 3 dividers but have a mould with 2 dividers and a mould with one divider and luckily with a bit of modification, clothes pegs and 2 elastic bands, I managed to have a mould with 3 dividers.


I decided on my colours which all happened to be mad oils micas and because I was using a high water content to keep the batter fluid I didn’t use Titanium Dioxide, I went with white mica instead. Auntie Clara done a blog post some time ago about high  water when using TD causing glycerin rivers so I always use 30% water when using TD which really would have been too low for this swirl. I did make a practice soap but didn’t like the colours or the swirl because the soap batter just got too thick.


Fragrance, I chose Cranberry Fig from Brambleberry which doesn’t cause acceleration. It smells beautiful. I haven’t tried it before but so glad I have as it behaves really well too.

I used equal amounts of Palm, Olive, Sweet Almond and Coconut oils which ended up being the perfect consistency for this as it stayed fluid with plenty of time to do this intricate swirl technique.

I poured orange and black into the middle 2 sections and the green, blue and white poured in the 2 outer sections like a mini tiger pour. I also added orange to the section nearest the black and black in the section nearest the orange so it basically meant there was going to be 4 mixed colours in the outside sections.



Once I took the dividers out it ended up being a bit messy at this stage but I was hoping after doing the swirl you wouldn’t really notice.


I used a wooden chopstick (my favorite swirling tool) to do the Taiwan swirl and circled around 5 times. I definitely seen a difference between my practice soap and this one and more fluid soap batter is definitely better.


I got my inspiration for the name of my soap and colors from the gorgeous colors of the Taiwan Dragons which they use at the front of the Dragon boats when racing. I picked a few colors from the different ones. The crouching tiger is the tiger pour in the outer sections. So the name is “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”


After pouring the soap, I popped it in the oven for an hour on very low just to make sure it gelled. I have used a slow tracing recipe before and it just seems like forever to set up, by putting it in the oven it just speeds up the process a bit. After 20 hours or so it was ready to unmould. I cut it on my single wire cutter this time. I usually cut with a knife but thought I would try the wire this time.


This is the cut bars with the Lotus on either end and a pic of the middle bars too. I love how this has turned out and it is such a lovely swirl technique. This was my second attempt at this swirl but I think I will be doing more in the future.


The 3 olive martini mica really sparkles on the pics.

These are the 2 lotus ends.


This is the 2 pieces from the middle of the loaf.


Thanks Amy for another great challenge and Thanks to Elaine Wright for sharing her lovely swirls too x

As always, Love from Spain x


Hand Printing Paper to make soap packaging

One of the things I like to do aswell as making soap is make my own packaging boxes. it is very therapeutic to get the stamps, ink pads and card out, then begin to create. Designer series papers are lovely but expensive so why not create your own. The sky is the limit as far as color and style. You can also stamp straight onto a plain cotton bag for another unique effect.

There is lots of videos on Youtube to get ideas for styles of boxes and you can change the size to suit your soaps or whatever you want to wrap nicely. I try to wrap as many soaps in boxes but sometimes it is just so time consuming, that is when stamping ready made cotton bags comes in handy. You can get quite a few done in a short amount of time and us Mothers need every minute in every day to count.


This is one of my favorite stamps. It is called Moroccan Flowers by Sizzix.

So I stamp my card and then get on with making the boxes. You can stamp all your card first before making anything, that way you have all your papers ready with the colors to match your soaps. A decent ink pad can be bought quite inexpensively and my favorite is Versamagic or Versafine and I have them in a range of colours. They cost around 5 euros but once you have them they last a while.


This is one I made for my Tiffany Box soap.


If you can’t match the color exactly, it’s not a problem, just choose a contrasting color to match your soap.



These are really simple to make and you can make quite a few quickly.


You don’t always have to stamp the card to make a pretty box. I made some soaps in Pringles tubes so when cut are circle soaps. They are a little awkward to wrap so I made hexagonal boxes and added a pretty little charm. Adding something a little extra makes your customers feel like they are getting a gift and who doesn’t like receiving gifts, I know I do lolIMG_7436




I also made a simple little handbag box the same way. You can stamp it or leave it plain and add a charm or flowers to jazz it up.


And this is a box die I bought for my Big Shot. This one uses two pieces of A4 so not quite as cheap but not too bad, this one is saved for special occasions or requested for gifts.


These are some handmade bags I made too. I fell in love with the material and thought the colours would go great with my soaps. The ribbon can match the soap colour.



With a few simple supplies you really can go crazy with packaging. I use A4 card in all different colours, Punches in all sizes, stamps, ink pads, ribbons, double sided tape, glue  and charms. Once you have your supplies they can last a long time, then you can just keep adding when you feel like it or if you see something that catches your eye.


Happy crafting and creating lovelies!!

As always Love from Spain x

A shaving soap journey

A couple of months ago, a man on instagram called Tony seen my soaps and said “You know what Siennalily Soaps, you should make a shave soap”

I had been thinking of formulating a shaving soap for quite a while but as in the beginning of my soap making journey, I was scared! Of what though? failure? using KOH Potassium hydroxide? I,m not sure, but I was. My head was boggled with talk like Bloom Room, Post Shave, brush loading etc…

I have been doing research on said soap for months and there is conflicting advice on wether to add clay or not, usage of NAOH to KOH amounts, all kinds of stories but today I thought “I am biting the bullet and formulating and making my own recipe for a shave soap!” so that is what I,ve done and this is my findings.


I used:

Sweet Almond oil, Castor oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, tallow, mango butter and stearic acid. 40% NAOH and 60% KOH. Added glycerin after the crockpot cook and tussah silk in my lye water. I also added a tablespoon of kaolin clay because I put that in all my soaps and love it.

I used the HP method because when using stearic acid it brings on trace immediately and if using CP method, that could be very tricky to work with. To calculate the percentage of each lye you need, calculate 100% for each one, NAOH & KOH and then use the percentage of each. For me 60% of total for KOH and 40% of total for NAOH.

So I melted my oils in the slow cooker, I used a 1.5 liter one as this was just my practice batch, it took the 21 ozs of oil no problem. I mixed my sodium hydroxide into the water first then added the potassium hydroxide second along with the silk. I didn’t wait for the lye solution to cool, just added it to the warmed, melted oils and butters. Stick blended, which was quite daunting because it got thick immediately. I left it 10 minutes then stick blended again because it was separating slightly. I checked and stirred every 15 minutes for just over an hour. It was done. It looked really fluffy and creamy but I didn’t know what it was meant to look like. I left to cool for 15 minutes and added my fragrance, Tabac Vanille by Gracefruit UK which is a fresh clean scent that I thought was perfect for a shave soap.

I have put it into some 200ml pots and left the lids off until it cools and I will leave for a week to harden but because it is HP I could use it immediately. The overage I put into a bowl for personal use.


Now for the lather test. A good shaving soap is meant to lather easily with a good brush and stay suspended for 10 minutes at least, which gives enough time for a man to have a decent face shave, be conditioning for the skin, not drying. Doesn’t have to be super bubbly like a body bar soap, more of a creamy dense lather.

I got out my rubbish shaving brush and used some soap that was in the crockpot before I washed it. So far so good, it was creaming up nicely into the perfect shave lather.



This lather had been on the brush for 30 minutes and still going strong. It is like thick cream. I tried it on my legs to test performance and it worked great. stayed where I put it and the razor glided over my leg without drag. I am so pleased with my first shaving soap and who knows, this might be my winning formula and I might not change it. I will still try different recipes but this one is a winner in my eyes but then again, “I’m no expert” but Tony is and he has agreed to review for me and he has tried A LOT of shave soaps.

Stay tuned for the outcome my lovely friends x

As Always, Love from Spain x

Tiffany Box texture mat soap for Greatcakes Soapworks Chalenge

This months Great cakes Soapworks challenge is using texture mats. I would just like to thank Amy for this one, I have loved it and didn’t want to stop making my texture top soaps.

I have had quite a few attempts at this one in all different ways. Putting mica on the mat before pouring the soap or using a small amount of soap to fill the negative space in the mat before pouring the soap on top. My favourite was just using the mica to colour the mat but I did try both ways.

I made my mats myself with plastic icing sheets that I had found. I cut them to the size of my moulds and poured the silicone on to make the texture mats. I made 4 but only used 2 because I ran out of time to try the other 2.

I have a thing about the colour of Tiffany & co boxes at the moment. I love the turquoise blue against the White ribbon and I’ve made a few soaps with the Tiffany theme lately, this was a custom order and just loved the colour it turned out so I wanted to try the same colour with the textured top.



 These are the 2 I used.

I put silver mica on my mat with a sponge and then put it into the bottom of my mould.

I used 2 different micas, Aqua Caribbean kiss and peacock mixed with Titanium dioxide to achieve the perfect turquoise colour of a Tiffany box.


 I only used the 2 colours for this soap, turquoise and white. I poured turquoise onto the silver mica mat then alternated between the 2 colours as shown in the pic.


Alternating colours

It was strange knowing that the top of the soap was going to be the bottom but I still couldn’t leave it plain so I swirled a little with the 2 colours and silver mica mixed with olive oil.


Swirled with silver mica.

I left this one in the mould for 12 hours and when I checked it was ready.

This is the top once unmoulded.



This is the cut pics of my Tiffany box.




  And this is the rest of my attempts at this great technique.




These 3 were made in my slab mould with the large mat.


Enter a caption


Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this and Thanks Amy for this great challenge this month! I’ve loved it.

Good luck everyone! Look forward to seeing all the beautiful soaps again.

Merry Chistmas from Spain.

Carolyn x

Let’s do the shimmy! Greatcakes Soapworks

November Challenge Club is all about the shimmy! Or lack of it in fact.

When watching Tatiana do the tutorial I thought, “This looks easy enough” how wrong I was!

The challenge wasn’t hard just the keeping the batter really fluid was. I couldn’t forgo the stick blender either. I just had to blend slightly, I was too scared not to lol


I used my wooden and silicone tall n skinny mould that ended up not being that tall and I tipped soap batter all over the place by trying to pour down the wall of it.

This was my first attempt


This crumbled terribly but I think it just wasn’t emulsified enough, I do see a few shimmys though.

Now I have had a practise, I’m on a roll, I’ve got this! Haven’t I? A little bit more stick blending to light trace would be perfect, just enough so it didn’t crumble but not enough to make it thick.

So this is my second attempt


Where is the shimmys????? Obviously too thick! So I went back to Tatianas tutorial of the pour and the mould making. If I was going to have another attempt it had to be in the right mould so I made the cute little one that was tall enough to pour down the side without it going everywhere.






I picked my micas and mixed my colours, this time I would still stick blend but lightly, and if I had time I would leave it in the mould a bit longer to harden up.

I unmoulded this one after only 24 hours. The others where unmoulded after 2 days and one still crumbled.




I actually see shimmys in this one or am I just seeing things? This challenge nearly evaded me! I found it more difficult than it looked and thought I wouldn’t have time to make my last one but I couldn’t let it beat me lol. Now I know the pour I will still try this again until I get better at the technique.

Once  again, Thanks Amy for bringing us new techniques and Thanks Tatiana for showing us this one.

Looking forward to the next one already.

Gin n Tonic soap for Greatcakes Soapworks Challenge

As I sit on my terrace watching the sun set behind the mountains I think of nothing more than enjoying the view and relaxing with my Gin n Tonic in hand! My favourite tipple☺️

That is the first thought that came to mind when Amy released the details of this Months challenge, water replacement? Gin? Natural thought process for me, but could it be done? Well we shall try!

I scoured the Internet for details of soaps that were made with gin and tonic but could find nothing! Absolutely nada! I found gin and tonic smelling soap, and soaps that were coloured to look like a gin lovers soap but nothing about health benefits (for the outside) but found lots to say how good gin was for you on the inside, so my conclusion is, I shall be the tester of gin n tonic made soap and here are my findings😊



Firstly I had to choose my gin, and isn’t it just polite and customary to enjoy and partake in the drink whilst choosing? Ok then, I had 1.

There is so many botanicals infused into gin, juniper berry, anise, citrus fruit peel, cinnamon, angelica root, hibiscus to name just a few. All makes of gin have their own secret blend so all are different.



I sliced some limes and lemons and dried them out in the oven as part of my gin cocktail, that took about 3/4 hours to do! I could see this becoming an all day project.


The fragrance I decided on are 3 of the botanicals infused into gin, sweet orange, lime and anise.

I boiled both the gin and the tonic to boil off the alcohol and maybe some of the sugar in the tonic and then cooled them both down in an ice bath.




I was making 2 separate batches of soap for this challenge, 1 made with gin the other made with tonic. The lye solution made with gin started to bubble uncontrollably, I thought it was going to erupt like a volcano out of the jug, but it didn’t and it didn’t change colour. The lye solution made with the tonic bubbled the same and turned bright orange, this I suspect was the sugar scorching but it didn’t smell scorched just turned a funny colour. This I thought may work to my advantage by being able to swirl the 2 different batters to make a pattern.



I mixed the 2 batters at the same time and the one made with gin accelerated super quick the one with the tonic accelerated slightly but not as bad, my swirling technique was seemingly flying out the window because of how quick I had to get it in the mould. I still got to swirl it slightly with a hanger but I didnt think it was going to do much.


At least I got to decorate the top with some pretty botanicals. I bought a little pack of these that are meant to be put in your gin n tonic to enhance the flavour but mine went on top of the soap, hibiscus petals, juniper berries, pink peppercorns and to look like a straw in my gin cocktail, a cinnamon stick along with either a dried lime or lemon slice. I popped it in the oven on very low to cpop it to see if one batter saponified before the other to enhance the swirl a little.

Here is the cut pictures which I managed to do the following day, it was hard enough to cut about 12 hours after.







My conclusion is that gin n tonic soap was fun to make, is super bubbly as you can see by the pic, this was from a tiny piece cut off the edge.

Sorry Amy, I could not find anything to link because I don’t think anybody has been silly enough to try to make a gin and tonic soap, it may not be super healthy but has plenty of label appeal, for me it has anyway because I just love my favourite tipple, on the terrace, watching the sun set behind the mountains of Spain x