Me again, coming to you this month with another Challenge soap and challenging it was!

I have always admired, oohhed and ahhhed over the beautiful rimmed soaps made by Tatiana who makes it look so simple, such talent! and Amy, you’re not bad either πŸ™‚

Me on the other hand am not talented at this technique, the expletives coming from my kitchen whilst i was making this soap is no ones business and luckily my little ones were at school! it wasn’t the rim that was difficult, it was cutting it in half to make it 4mm thick. Tatiana must have them special books that are the right size for her mould, mine on the other hand are not those special ones. I used envelopes, drinks cartons, small books that I needed 20 of to fit but only had 5 so needless to say my rim stayed at 8mm. some people like thick rimmed soaps πŸ˜‰

Now Ive always had a thing about ancient Egypt and when I was younger if I had not became a hairdresser, I was going to be an archeologist. I would have loved to dig up artifacts and mummies from the tombs, how exciting!!! not that being a hairdresser isn’t but…….

I got the chance to visit Egypt many many Tutankha… MOONS ago and it was just as I imagined. Pyramids, The Sphinx, Camels and lots and lots of History. I even managed to push my way through the throng of tourists to get my body through the tiny tunnels and into the tomb of a pyramid, no easy fete I tell you! I visited the Museum and fell in love with the masks and treasures.


This pic was taken 26 years ago and as you can see by the pic below, I haven’t changed a bit teehee.


It has always been there, my love of Egypt so my inspiration for my soap came from the beautiful colors of Tutankhamuns burial mask.


Beautiful! Gold, black and turquoise.


I used my texture mat rubbed with blue and gold micas for the rim. Plain black soap poured on top made with activated coconut charcoal.

I put the rim in the oven to gel for 2 hours and very nearly put it in at 170 but realized at the last minute that 170 F is actually 75 degrees C which is what my oven temp is. Disaster avoided!!!

After it cooled (6 hours) I unmoulded and cut to size, then wrapped it in some freezer paper to slide into the pringles can.


At this point, I completely forgot to take pictures! getting old πŸ™‚

I made my batch of turquoise soap and added attar oudh fragrance which is a woodsy, exotic fragrance.

I popped it into my trusty Moet champagne cooler which is silver lined and acts as a heater too.


It is ideal for my tube soaps as it keeps them upright while they sleep.

More forgotten pics but I unmoulded the next day and cut to size.




The rim looks a bit ancient because of cpopping I think but it all adds to the authentic look, as if it had just been excavated from an ancient egyptian mummys tomb lol

I only had 1 attempt at this technique, my first but probably not my last try. It was a great technique, very challenging but enjoyable.

This is a little bonus pic of Amun Ra, good buddy of Tutankhamun, they shall be great pals in the soap dishes of my bathroom and also inspired by the Egyptian Pharaohs.

Good luck to everyone who attempted, succeeded and didn’t lose their cool. I shall be washing my mouth out with soap and water!

Thanks Amy and Tatiana for another great tutorial and challenge.

What’s next?

As always, Love from Spain x